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Northmark Wealth Management LLC is a wealth strategy, investment consulting & asset management firm.  We work on behalf of high-net-worth individuals, families and family offices, charitable programs and other non-profit institutions including schools, colleges, religious organization and senior living facilities. We are a fiduciary and we do not take that responsibility lightly. We are legally required to act in your best interest. More importantly, we want to act in your best interest! We’re dedicated to reaching your financial goals and we respect your values, and act accordingly. Our advisory services are fee-based. This means we do not get a commission for selling specific investment or insurance products to you. We offer unbiased opinions on what we believe are the best options for you. Often, investment advisors jump into a conversation with financial jargon and forget to find out what it is you’re really looking to accomplish with your wealth. It could be support for loved ones, a philanthropic legacy, or simply security that you have funds if anything goes wrong. Goals change constantly. Values (e.g., family, security, education) almost never change. We create a plan based on your values. We provide customized strategies, comprehensive solutions and personal attention to help our clients achieve their unique goals. 

Key Characteristics

Fiduciary Standard

Sophisticated Strategies

Fee-based Compensation


Responsive Service

Comprehensive Solutions




Charitable Giving

Everyone has their own reason for gifting their assets or a portion of


Retirement Savings Accounts

When you are young and just starting a professional life, retirement


Asset Management

You and your family (partner, spouse) work hard to accumulate assets

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