Minimize Your Tax Burden

Strategic tax planning can reduce income tax, capital gains and estate taxes

Plan Early To Reduce Income Taxes

  • Smart tax planning is based on year-round communication with your advisor that culminates in the final months of the year.
  • With enough time to prepare, a wealth advisor with tax expertise can help you prepare a strategy that minimizes Alternative Minimum Tax, inheritance and gift taxes.
  • Effective tax objectives can reduce the Alternative Minimum Tax by accelerating the payment of state tax or real estate taxes or making charitable donation pledged over multiple years to a single year.
  • For those with significant stock option or grants, proper year-end planning is critical.

Smarter Wealth Transfers

  • Reducing income taxes is one half of the equation. The other half is proper estate planning. The end of the calendar year is also the trigger event for minimizing inheritance taxes.
  • To create a legacy of your own making, a wealth advisor with tax expertise can help you build a plan to smoothly transfer wealth across generations or to facilitate your philanthropic goals.