High-Net-Worth Individuals


The Secret of getting ahead is getting Started  -  Mark Twain


 Common New Wealth questions:

  • How much should I save per year?  
  • What type of accounts should I invest in?  
  • When should I start saving for retirement?
  • Which portfolios are most beneficial for me? 
  • What is my projected ROI(return on investment)?



 Our New Wealth program is for any investors who are motivated for growth and looking to invest monthly.   We typically recommend a savings strategy of 15~20% of income.  Depending on your risk profile, we invest your savings for accumulation and/or preservation.  During market volatility, we will help keep you in line and stay the course according to your financial plan.  A common mistake new investor make is being short sighted during volatile markets.  We offer our clients financial education and knowledge.  First Trust uses this chart to show the value of staying in the market for potential for market rebound during market volatility.  Let us take care of what’s important so you can focus on what matters to you.