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We believe that the best way to make money is to avoid losing it in the first place.

 Our Private Wealth Management program is our full service program that integrates diversification, asset allocation, and tax efficiency.  When you invest with Northmark, you will get a professional portfolio that utilizes the latest technology to monitor, track, and research our investments.  We typically hold 20-25 basket of stocks that are thoroughly researched and monitored by our investment team.  The main objective for these holdings is to add alpha (returns) and we manage risk and volatility with ETFs and mutual funds.  We integrate a number of sophisticated strategies that few people can implement on their own as part of our portfolio optimization.  These strategies and theories have stood the test of time and have been rigorously tested by scientists and engineers.  This approach adds value and reduces risk, simplifying your life and freeing you to enjoy the true wealth of life.